Thank you to the thousands of young people that have taken part in our surveys and interviews!

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Key results from phase one

Lonely and stressed

In Canada, 2/3 wanted to access mental health services, 58% of them could not get access.


This includes 3,931 in Canada, and 3878 in France participated in the first wave of the study in 2020.

Lost income

Including 55% of participants in Canada, and 35% of participants in France.

Decreased sex

In both countries, approximately 47% of participants saw a decrease in opportunities to have sex, while only 5% saw an increase.

Results from Wave 1 & 2

Over 10,000 youth in France and Canada have participated in at least one wave of the FOCUS survey! We are thrilled to share our results from Wave 1 (Fall 2020) and Wave 2 (Fall 2022) here. We invite you to take a look at the infographics below.

Infographic for Wave 1 of the FOCUS survey
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